The Squad


Jocelyn Youngdahl

Hey! I'm Jocelyn and I have a bad habit of buying new books that I never get around to reading. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, business is a part of my DNA. I graduated from Belmont University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and have worked the last two years making connections for entrepreneurs who are working to scale their business. I now run a freelance design and branding business, helping small businesses build their digital persona, and developing personal brands for professional athletes. Parent Trap is my favorite movie and if you think you've seen it more times than me, you're wrong.


Breanna Workman

Hi! I’m Breanna and peanut butter ice cream is the way to my heart. I once took a personality test that said I was 100% an extrovert and I think it was pretty accurate. In my day-to-day life you can find me working in a co-working office where I am the office coordinator at a boutique artist management company in Nashville, TN. In addition to that, I remotely run all marketing and advertisement efforts for my family’s pizzeria back in Michigan. I have a tendency of geeking out on social enterprises, spontaneously traveling, and spending time with my family. If you ever need an extra player for a pick-up game, I’m your girl! 

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