Part 1 | Personal Brands and Why You Need One

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If you were to ask 5 friends this question, ‘In 1-word, what do you think of, when you think of me,’ would you get 5 completely different responses?  Perhaps.  Or, you may get 5 different responses but they all fall under the same theme.  If they do, chances are, that is your personal brand.

Now, what if you asked 5 acquaintances that same question.  Would their responses align with the theme that showed up when your friends answered that question, or would it be hit or miss?  The answer to that shows you how strong your personal brand really is.

It’s simple.  Your personal brand is what people think of, when they think of you.  It represents who you are as an individual.  It is a reflection of your values and beliefs.  It is what others experience when they interact with you.  Your personal brand defines how you live.   A percentage of you reading this, that is terrifying.  The last thing you really want to know is what people think of when they think of you.  Some of you are okay with this.  You are aware that you may have some areas to grow in but overall, you feel positive about this thought.  Then the rest of us are reading and beaming.  You have worked hard on being someone that knows who they are, and others do too. 

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Many of us have never put thought into this topic.  We get up, show up for work, take care of business and continue on with our monotonous routines.  We believe that personal brands are for celebrities, aspiring musicians, speakers, authors, social influencers and everyone else besides ourselves.  And you may believe that your personal brand only matters on the internet.  At one time, these ideas may have been true.  Today, it is not. 

Your personal brand allows you to create impact.  It will allow you to use your experience, knowledge and voice to fill needs in others’ lives.

Your personal brand allows you to generate opportunities.  People will begin to seek you out to be involved in things that are amazing and life-giving that you wouldn’t have been exposed to without.

Your personal brand allows you to have lifetime security.  It does not matter if you choose to take a few years off, move to a new place or switch careers.  You will always have solid options.

Your personal brand allows to have income protection.  When your brand is strong, it is a statement of the trust that people have in you.  This means that no matter what path you take, you will always have people that will buy from you.

Your personal brand allows you to have value representation.  This is key.  No longer will you have to fight the feelings of desperation that come along with being your biggest self-promoter.  You now have raving fans that spread the love for you.

The good news is that your personal brand is something that can be created, transformed, altered into representing who you truly are.  The key to developing it from a personal brand that only you are familiar with to one that leads to those 5 key benefits is understanding what makes you unique and how you can use that to serve others.  And that is exactly what we do for people at Brand Builders Group.

In the meantime, this is only the beginning to many conversations around personal branding.  Stay tuned to find out why having a personal brand isn’t enough.  Until then, follow me on Instagram at _ and connect with me on LinkedIn (Elle Petrillo).

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