6 Ways to Optimize Your Brand

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Hey CC girls! My name is Megan Miller, founder of MeganMayMiller.com. I'm passionate about using my voice and platform to share my story and want to help you do the same.

You have to think about developing your brand as a way of connecting with your audience in an authentic way. Today, I want to share resources that help me do that most efficiently. I say efficiently because these resources will help you plan your content in a concise way so you aren’t wasting time. When you boil each of these resources down they all pertain to one thing: planning.


My craft is writing. Right now I do that on my blog and as a contributor for other sites. The best book I’ve read to improve my writing is Stein on Writing by Sol Stein. Stein offers practical changes to implement now that will take your writing to the next level. Order it on Amazon here.


If you’re not doing Insta-stories, get on that train! The best tool I've found to help me stay on top of my Insta-game is Planoly. It’s free and you can see all of your posts in a grid, create a caption, add hash-tags, and schedule your posts. Create an account online, download the app, and the app will give you notifications when it’s time to post. Do the work from your computer and Insta like a pro.


I am no aesthetic expert, but I know I am drawn to the feeds that look pretty. A friend of mine is an Adobe Lightroom pro and made a preset for me to edit all of my pictures… Adobe Lightroom is $10.91 a month, but there are plenty of free apps that will edit pictures for you! One of my favorites is VSCO. Do all of your pictures have to be high quality edited with the same preset? No. Does it look more professional? Yes.


My blogging days started on Wordpress. I never used it to it’s full ability and I was so confused when it came time to make changes. (Do I spend money on a layout? Do I build a custom design?) Then I switched to Squarespace… holy moly, did that make things easier for me! It costs me $5.99 a month and it’s worth every penny. The site is so user-friendly, clean, and modern. I wish I would’ve been with Squarespace all along because my endurance (and patience) wore so thin when I blogged with Wordpress.


The iPhone has a new setting that shows the amount of time you spend on each app (it’s in the battery section of your settings) and I was mortified when I discovered how much time I spent on social media… EEK. Cue the app Moment. The app is free but after a day of using it (and being completely obsessed) I upgraded to the $3.99 (one payment) premium version. This app helps you manage your screen time. You set a goal for the amount of time you want to spend on your phone and the app gives you notifications on time spent that day. This app has changed everything for me! And I’ve found when I use the branding resources in this article consistently I don’t need to spend hours scrolling on my phone… all of my content is planned and ready to go.

The biggest headache when it comes to branding is the amount of time it takes to fire on all cylinders. One day your Instagram is great, then you have to manage the blog, tweet something catchy, update your Facebook page and before you know it your creative brain is empty. The best way to combat the fatigue of branding, especially if it’s your side hustle, is to make an appointment to get this work done. I’ve found I am most creative first thing in the morning so I do my quiet time and then move right to 1-2 hours of productive writing and planning. Whatever works for you—do that!

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