Looking For Your “Yes”!


Have you been someone that has grown up with the feeling that God has called you to do something special, but you have NO clue what it is?


That’s how I felt my whole life.


I tried to fill this blank in with: being the best athlete, going to college for volleyball, trying to be a pageant queen, volunteering, going into the healthcare field, and more... waiting for my “AH-HA” moment that God would grace me with.


Instead of that moment, all I got was rejection.


I lost the pageant I thought would boost me into the woman I was supposed to be, I got kicked off the volleyball team I thought would mold me, I had to switch my career choice because I truly didn’t feel smart enough to continue with what I THOUGHT was my passion.


My name is Desiree Scoggin and I am an online health and fitness coach, - CEO of desBFITtraining LLC, an ACSM-CPT with a B.S. in Exercise Science from Western Michigan University.


This journey of mine of entrepreneurship came about in 2017 at 21 years old – I was finishing up my last semester of college with a RUTHLESS unpaid internship. I moved away from Kalamazoo, Michigan into my boyfriends (now fiancé) parents’ house in Columbus, Ohio and working 40 hours a week at Wendy’s HQ as an exercise specialist.

During this time, I was making NO money, I had NO friends, and was constantly grinding in a 40 hour work week – however, in my downtime I was on Instagram doing the whole “fitness journey thing” after I was done playing sports and finding a way to still make “friends”. I was competing in NPC Bikini, and trying to figure out my way into this new passion of mine… personal training!


As my Instagram started to grow, I had people asking me everywhere, “can you write me a workout?!”, “what is the best exercise for this?!”, and more!


I capitalized on that opportunity to start selling small workout programs to those looking to change their lifestyle, like I changed mine. From there – one thing led to another, and I am now a proud business owner through an online company I never thought would be my, “yes” from the Lord.


I now have 5 well sold DBFTFitGuides, I have an amazing community I have created (my sweetie fam), I have the opportunity to wake up daily and work so hard... on something I LOVE.


With all the triumphs have come hard times.

I have battled with depressive episodes because of this app. I have dealt with comparison. Feeling of unworthiness, feeling of stupidity. I have made mistakes, I have said the wrong things. I have fallen into victim of the devils play, but through it all... I have also learned from it.


Throughout these two years a lot has changed: I do small business coaching now, online health and wellness coaching, I have 2 dogs, I moved 1000+ miles from home, I got engaged, my sister is getting married, I became an IFBB Bikini Pro, I also have stopped competing, I am an athlete for Alani Nutrition and 413 Apparel (yes, like the bible verse!), PLUS more – therefore, now I am on this road of “WHAT’S NEXT LORD?!”

I have been blessed enough through these years to help THOUSANDS of women become empowered to take control of their life, their bodies, and their minds. BUT, what separates me from all the others?


I wondered that at first too – what make me different from every other girl doing a glute kickback on a cable machine?


What makes me different is the light I shine from the inside out.

The light that truly only comes from the love of Jesus in a person’s soul.


I have been able to touch many with my faith, and expressing that boldly.


My love for life, passion for fitness, and faith in Jesus is what sets me apart from every other fitness facade. I am not afraid to thank Him for His works, I am not afraid to share my devotionals, or ask for prayer requests. I am not afraid to post what I feel called to post versus post for what gets attention.

So, what has been something you’ve been chasing?

What are the things that you keep being rejected by?


God truly only gives you what you need and WHEN you need it. I believe if I would have been given this platform/business any later or sooner, I would mess it up. I would have fallen into the earthly game even more, and lost who I was for an app on a phone.


Instead – I was able to grow into character, grow into strength, and continue to grow into the woman I am supposed to be for others.


My rejections, my “no’s”, are what has allowed me to sink deeper into my relationships with others. God truly uses what breaks you most, to help others heal in that same situation.


So, why the heck am I word vomiting this to you?

I am doing it because for that person who is reading and needs it, I have been there too.

Instagram might look glamorous on the outside, but on the inside, there are sad souls, abandoned hearts, and sadly, frauds.


Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to what you think “isn’t meant for you” – follow what HE says, and what is meant for you, will find you.


Don’t fall victim to comparison, as much as God knows your fate… so does the devil, and he will try to deter you from Gods amazing works coming for you.


Don’t fall victim to negative self-talk – keep your head high, and your heart on Jesus. Some days are easier than others to believe, and have faith… but, it’s those hard days that strengthen that faith muscle.


I hope you can leave inspired today to stay on your path, to keep pushing for your dreams, but allow the work that needs to be done, to be done.


Believe in every season, and learn from it.



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