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You’re not where you want to be. You don’t even know what you’re really good at. But you know there’s something more than the pattern you’re living every day-- getting up, getting to work, keeping your head down, managing the responsibilities of everyday adult life, and going to bed only to do it all again tomorrow.

You have dreams about doing something big someday, but for whatever reason, you’re just not there yet. You think you’re not old enough, not experienced enough, not financially stable enough, not good enough at your craft, not known enough.

 Maybe you feel like you don’t have anything at all to offer. Or maybe you feel like what little you have isn’t enough.

I promise you it is enough. You are enough.

Allow me to encourage you today, friend-- you are right where you’re at for a reason! In fact, you are right where you’re supposed to be.

Having a Big-Picture View

Living out your purpose is so much more than just a job, a title, or what you get paid to do. It’s about your whole life, and it’s more about how you live than what you do.

Blooming where you’re planted, making the most of where you are right now, comes down to using what you’ve been given right where you are to make whatever difference you can by serving others.

That can be lived out through hobbies, volunteer work, time with your family, helping at your church, tutoring at a nearby school, donating money to a charity, or through your work, just to name a few options.

Your purpose is so much more than just your job! It’s the whole of what you were created to do, and it’s so much larger than any title will ever be.

Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” And Sarah Young’s Jesus Always adds this:


Everything we have is a gift, to be used in service to God and others, and we’re free to use the things we’ve been given in whatever way we can and in whatever way brings us and those around us joy. Isn’t that wonderful?

That means your purpose and my purpose go beyond our job titles and educational backgrounds, our labels, our family histories, our socioeconomic status, our perceived success or lack thereof, our bank accounts, and even our personal shortcomings and limitations.

Purpose is what fuels us, what motivates us, what drives us to do more and make a valuable contribution to the world-- to do more than merely survive, and choose to thrive.

Our purposes will develop and change over time; they will look different in various seasons and stages of life. Your purpose will grow as you grow and change as you change.

And that means you can try different things and live out your purpose in unique ways as your circumstances change and as your heart pulls you in different directions, which gives you so much freedom!


Taking Small Steps

The really beautiful thing is that you can take small steps toward living out your purpose, too!

Maybe you’re not yet where you want to be or where you hope to get to one day. That’s okay. Just because you can’t do everything doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.

Even if you can’t go in 100% on your goal or make the big changes or moves you want to make, you are still capable of taking steps toward your goals.

After all, it’s the regular, small steps that make up our lives and pave the way forward.

Life is a journey, and it happens in seasons. Purpose does, too. It’s not all or nothing; you can take small steps and make the most of what you have in each season.

Your dreams, purpose, passion, and goals will look different in various seasons of life based on the amount of time you have to invest in them, your family situation, your financial situation, your schedule, and a dozen other factors.

That just means that in each season, you get to use whatever resources you have at that time, whatever is currently in your hands. You get to make the most of that-- not what you wish it was, what you long to have or be able to do, but what you actually have and what you actually have the capacity to do.

It’s grounding in its reality and freeing in its limitless expressions.

We’re called to be good stewards of what we’ve been given, which means using the gifts and resources we do have well— to serve, to give, to bless, to work-- not wishing for things we don’t (or don’t yet) have, but making the very most of what we do have.


We’re free to dream about the future and what we might do someday, and we’re also free to change our minds, to pursue our passions and purpose in different ways.

We don’t have to be limited by our jobs, titles, positions, schedules, bank accounts, education, anonymity, or small circle of influence. We can make a difference right where we are, in our own little corners of the world, by each doing our unique thing and doing it well.

That’s what’s going to bring us the greatest joy and satisfaction, and when we boldly step out to do our thing, we give others permission to do the same!

That’s what it means to grow where you are.

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